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FUNKINEVIL LIVE ON NTS 2-11-2015 Soundcloud


K15 - M I S T on No Room For Air

NRFA is our new sister label created to showcase our favorite genre-defying artists in tandem with Wild Oats in strictly 7" format.

The focus of this label is great design, a 'drexciyan' aquatic theme, and most importantly exploring the more soulful sounds of our interests.


Fundamentals 11/08 @ The Whiskey Disco

Facebook event

Listen to K15's "Yellow" from the Insecurities EP

Listen here
K15 Insecurities EP for here sale in web shop

(Pre-Order) K15 - Insecurities EP (Double Vinyl 2x12")

Pre Order K15 Insecurities 

8/30/14 Anthony Shakir Westside Sessions Vinyl Again Available

Just in Anthony Shakir's West Side Sessions Double pack!

Vinyl available for Direct Purchase here at the Wild Oats Shop.

July 17th HAPPY Birthday! New KMFH DJ MIX

New DJ Mix From Kyle Hall in Celebration of his 23rd Birthday! 
Listen here!

July 4th Weekend Kyle Hall, Jay Daniel and FunkinEven B2b

Photos taken by Karl Mathias @ Macki Music Festival In paris

Fundamentals Live Recording - Up Against The Wall!


Live Cassette Tape recording of Fundamentals 02.07.2014
Kyle Hall, Jay Daniel, and Kai Alce
Detroit - Adult Contemporary - 1217 Griswold

This was actually a mistake. We wanted to record just the music from the Dj set, but failed to switch the selector on the tape recorder. In turn, we have a recording of the set and the ambiance. We were happy with this though, as it was the last party we will ever throw at Adult Contemporary.

Listen here

Stream Jay Daniel "Change 4 Me"


Stream Jay's track "Change 4 Me" from the upcoming Karmatic Equations via Vice Thump

Detroits Most famous Techno Loft gets the Dan Gilbert boot


Vice covers the story on 1217 Griswold where our last two Fundamentals party were held. 1217 is a current example of corporate power coming into the city of Detroit and displacing existing residents and artists. Article was written by two of the 1217 residents Gustav Brovold and Andrew Roberts.

Read article here

2.7.14 // Fundamentals @ Adult Contemporary

Kyle Hall x Jay Daniel


Wild Oats Music


Serious sounds all night Long from two of Detroit's finest Music translators!

1217 Griswold
Free before 12 $10 after

Kyle Hall Remix Vinyl @ Wild Oats Shop

Kyle Hall Remix Vinyl Now available for purchase on our shop
Nosaj Thing - Try( Kyle Hall Remix)
Close - Wallflower ( Kyle Hall Remix)

Available and shipping today!

Kyle Hall Innovators Mix XLR8R

Read & list here Track list

01 Jay Daniel "Brainz" (Sound Signature)
02 M. Pittman "Dirty" (FXHE)
03 Helena Hauff "Hometown Acid"
04 MGUN "Blunt Run" (Berceuse Heroique)
05 Specter "Pipe Bomb" (Sound Signature)
06 KMFH "12 Doors (feat. Nas1)" (Wild Oats)
07 J.T.C. & KMFH "unknown"
08 Kataconda "Cantora Templar" (Acid Sonic Research)
09 J.T.C. "Take Ém Off" (Créme Organization)
10 Delroy Edwards & Funkineven "X" (Apron)
11 KMFH "Crushed" (Wild Oats)
12 Alex.O.Smith "Skynet 2 B" (FXHE)
13 Kyle Hall & Kero "Zug Island" (Wild Oats)
14 Rick Wilhite "Techno Dust" (Freedom School)
15 Jay Daniel "Royal Insanity" (Wild Oats)
16 Seven Davis Jr. "All Kinds" (Must Have)
17 KMFH "Skeeter!" (Wild Oats)
18 Stacy Kidd "Sugar Baby" (Circuit)
19 KMFH "Down!" (Wild Oats)
20 KMFH "Solar Funk" (Wild Oats)
21 Javonntte "We Go Way Back" (Moods & Grooves)
22 Rotating Assembly "Orchestra Hall" (Sound Signature)
23 NSNT PRJCT "X2 (We Invented Dis)" (Wild Oats)
24 Greg Beato "Satans Daughter Is Back" (Apron)

Gifted & Blessed Cassette Ambient Mix FACT 404


New Ambient Mix Gifted & Blessed  aka "The Reflektor"

- GB: “This mix is best enjoyed through headphones in a calm and comfortable space.”


9.27.13 //Fundamentals presented By Wild Oats

New Kyle Hall Data Transmissions Cassette Tape Mix


Hammon Decks - Disgo (original mix) - Running Back
Sleezy D. - Trust track - ParteHardy
Members Only - Members Only
KMFH (feat. Nas1) - 12 Doors - Wild Oats
Marcellus Pittman - The Mad Underdog - 7th Sign
Jay Daniel - Change 4 me - Wild Oats
KMFH - Skeeter! - Wild Oats
Jay Daniel - Brainz - Sound Signature
Omar S - Hellter Shelter - FXHE
Members Only - Another Love - Members Only
Johnny D & Nicky P- Next to me - MAW
Greg Beato - Let Em Know - Apron
Jay Daniel - Bubble Cougar - Sound Signature
Kyle Hall - ? - Wild Oats
Generation Next - Acid Alcohol - 7 Days Ent.
Blake baxter - We used to play - Incognito records
Generation Next - Acid Alcohol - 7 Days Ent.
Kyle Hall - ? - Wild Oats


Last Fridays Hello Happy Hour Wild Oats Test Press Fest was a success! Now we will be dropping Funkinevil Evil02 Detroit exclusive White labels off at some local detroit shops! Threads, Hello, and People's records will be where you can grab them from! Gotta be quick because quantity is super limited!

7.12.13 //Fundamentals KMFH Birthday Bash!

Come celebrate the birth of KMFH and the return of Fundamentals!!! Next Friday Jay Daniel & Kyle Hall will be rocking the party on night long at Division Gallery!

Facebook Event

Kyle Hall B2MFB Jay Daniel new Fundamentals promo Mix!

Check out the Mix here! 

NEW WO Pocket Tee

Buy yours today! 

New to the Wild Oats store is the white pocket tee with the Wild Oats logo on the pocket. Perfect for your favorite summer boat party

100% cotton, printed KMFH logo tag, functional pocket.

New Kyle Hall Mix! "Be Kind Rewind" RA 362

Listen on Sound Cloud

Kyle Hall: Digits/Response 5" (Wild Oats x Detund Collaboration)

If you missed out on the Jay Simon "Faith" 4:20 Edition 7", we've got another EXTREMELY limited release from Kyle Hall.

Wild Oats x Detund x RVSD
Record Store Day Collector's Item

5" clear and black poly-disc hand cut by Kero and Annie Hall

Limited to 7 copies

1. Digits
2. Response
Written by: Kyle Hall

Jay Simon: Faith (WO-7J 4:20 Edition)

We found some green WO-7J in our run of limited edition clear 7"s.

So, in honor of Record Store Day and 4:20, we are giving them to you! Oh, and there are only 10! 
Make this 4:20 special with this very very rare edition of "Faith."